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Education and healing, centered in HeartWork

Over the last 23 years, Solicia Ester Lopez has been an educator, activist and community leader

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Leadership Through the Lens of Identity and Love

This book is dedicated for all the little girls in the world who have been silenced. My prayer for you is to one day feel the power in your voice and share it with the WORLD. 

Photos from the "centerED" Launch Event



Youth & Educator Work

Over the past decade Solicia developed and established a national model for student engagement as the founding Director of Student Voice & Leadership in Denver Public Schools, facilitating and developing programming and curriculum, as well as leading professional development opportunities for educators.

Mother Work

As a woman that experienced motherhood at a young age, Solicia understands the need for women of color to be supported, informed and empowered throughout the early stages of motherhood. She sees her doula work as an extension of her advocacy: all mothers and babies deserve a beautiful experience.


Community Work

Solicia believes that changing the world requires a collective effort. She also recognizes that collective work requires development, facilitation, intentionality, and operating from a place of healing and justice. Solicia serves as both a community advocate and consultant across various organizations.

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